7 Things That Jiaogulan Hormones Will Do For Your Health

beginner-yoga-meditationMany people in the West have often wondered what makes the Chinese to live very long and healthy lives. This interest has sparked intense scientific research intended to establish what is responsible for the good health and longevity enjoyed by the Chinese. Jiaogulan hormones have repeatedly appeared as a common factor in the diets of those Chinese that live the longest. This article discusses seven things that consuming Jiaogulan hormones will do for your health.
1. It Boosts Your Strength Levels. Regularly consuming Jiaogulan in any form, such as tea, has been found to boost one’s strength levels. This herb performs this role by improving heart function so that the heart will pump blood more effectively to all parts of your body. As you may already know, oxygen is transported by hemoglobin, a constituent of blood. It therefore follows that when large volumes of blood are getting to all parts of your body then you feel more energized.
2. It Prolongs Your Life. Jiaogulan hormones help to make you live longer. This is because the herb has very powerful antioxidant properties that protect your organs from the damage caused by free radicals. Thus, your aging process will be slowed down significantly if you routinely consume this Chinese wonder. You will remain looking much younger than you actually are, thanks to the protective abilities of Jiaogulan.
3. It Helps You to Combat Stress. When you are faced by a stressful situation, such as the death of a loved one, your body produces massive amounts of the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone creates the “fight or flight” mentality that prepares you to flee from a threat or fight off that threat. When cortisol is present in your bloodstream, all other body processes nearly grind to a halt so that all your energies are devoted to overcoming the threat you are facing. When you remain in this state for long, your body wears down rapidly since it will not be getting the nutrients it needs to keep functioning and healing itself. That is why prolonged stress is a very bad thing. Jiaogulan helps to lower the level of cortisol in your body so that the harmful effects of stress are short-lived. That is why it is important for you to consume this herb regularly.
4. It Boosts Brain Function. Jiaogulan hormones play a very important role of boosting brain function. This happens in a twofold way; first, the hormone supports healthy heart function so the brain will have ample supplies of blood and energy, resulting in optimum mental function. A brain that receives inadequate supplies of blood starts losing cells and one’s mental faculties begin to deteriorate. Secondly, Jiaogulan has powerful antioxidant attributes that protect your brain cells from oxidative damage. Thus, your mental powers will remain at a very high level as long as you keep consuming Jiaogulan hormones.
5. It Prevents, and Fights Cancer. Jiaogulan has been found to be very active in preventing various cancers from developing. Even those that already have cancer (such as breast cancer, prostate cancer and skin cancer) ca be helped by this herb to fight those cancerous cells or tumors. This is because Jiaogulan boosts your immunity by enhancing the growth of white blood cells. This makes your body better able to kill and remove cancer cells from your body.
6. It Detoxifies Your Body. Jiaogulan hormones boost digestive function. Your body is better able to digest and absorb nutrients from the food you eat. In the same way, your body is better able to eliminate toxins from your body since the digestive system will be more efficient. People who consume this herb have regular bowel movements so their bodies constantly get rid of wastes before those wastes become harmful to the body.
7. It Protects You From Developing Gallstones. Jiaogulan helps to lower the amount of cholesterol in your bile and blood. This is very crucial because it forestalls the development of gallstones. People who suffer from gallstones are known to have high cholesterol. Once cholesterol is removed from the equation then chances of suffering from gallstones are minimal.
The health benefits of Jiaogulan hormones are very many, yet some of them have not yet been discovered. It is therefore wise for you to start consuming this herb on a regular basis so that you reap the multitude of benefits that this Chinese wonder contains.