All About White Mulberry and the Benefits of White Mulberry Pills

quantity-of-tea-Perfect-cup-of-teaThe term “Mulberry” actually refers to a collection of plants that are used in conjunction to create various Indian Ayurvedic and Chinese medications. The Mulberry plants can bear different-colored fruits such as black, red or white. White mulberry is an ancient herb that comes from China. It has a botanical name of Morus Alba, and this versatile herb is of the Moreaceae family. White mulberry also have different names- Morus Indica, Common Mulberry, Mon tea, Morin Chin Sang and Moral Blanco. It is also the favorite food of silkworms, and benefits people in health-related areas as well. The White mulberry extracts from the leaves are made into white mulberry pills or tablets, and can be easily taken in or added to food for supplementary reasons.

                                     The Health Benefits of White Mulberry

The primary health benefit that White mulberry provides is in the treatment of diabetes. In addition, White mulberry pills and tablets can also be taken to treat high blood pressure, arthritis, premature graying of hair, high cholesterol levels, hair loss, and the common cold. This wonder herb has some very remarkable anti-bacterial, neuroprotective and anti-oxidant properties that works wonders when absorbed within the human body.

White mulberry leaves and extracts are utilized to treat diabetes and its ill effects. The leaves’ wonderful chemicals work much like medicines that are used to treat type 2 diabetes. They work to reduce the activity of sugar breakdown in a person’s gut to enable a much more efficient absorption of the sugar in the bloodstream. In this manner, the body has little to no trouble breaking down food into manageable levels, therefore keeping the sugar levels in optimal levels. The White mulberries’ anti-hyperglycemic activity has been researched extensively using chronic diabetic rats, and the White mulberry extracts were used in a period of four weeks, in which the fasting blood sugar levels were reduced by 27%.

White mulberry pills can also lower the bad cholesterol levels in patients suffering from type 2 diabetes. The extract may reduce up to 12% of your total cholesterol level and 23% of bad cholesterol (LDL), while increasing good cholesterol (HDL) by up to 18%. A person suffering from various nasal conditions and infections can also benefit from taking White mulberry- common illnesses such as colds, cough, wheezing, sore throat and fever’s symptoms and effects are reduced, and can shorten the time a person is ill. One notable compound that White mulberries have is the Albano La, a substance that was extensively studied to help against the deadly leukemia. An identified glycosylated stilbenoid in the herb is very effective against hyperuricemia and gout. The White mulberry can help with stress and all of its forms through internal consumption, and can quickly solve various health conditions such as migraines or common headaches, a high blood pressure and dizziness that results from it, muscle spasms, nose bleeding and red eye. For those who are looking for a more aesthetic solution, take heart- the White mulberry pills and extracts can help premature hair loss, and can reduce the cause of premature gray hair in patients.