All there is to know About White Mulberry Leaf Pills

110043056_058Mulberries are delicious, nutritious red or white berries and are a product of the Morus Alba tree. Its leaves, which are just as nutritious, are light green glossy and thin are often used as food for silkworms. This tree has been known to make herbal medicines, which are usually sourced from the bark, leaves or fruits. These extracts are used to make supplement pills that are known to carry a few health benefits.

White mulberry has been known to contain a variety of compounds that are actually an influence to health. For instance, the fruit of the white mulberry tree is rich in anthocyanins (substances containing antioxidant effects).

Background data

It was highly regarded in traditional Japanese and Chinese medicine because it has benefits in improving blood sugar control as well as blood lipids. There were amazing results when type 2 patients were given the white mulberry extracts, which led to its evolvement to pills.

Uses of White Mulberry

White mulberry has been touted as a natural treatment for diseases like anxiety, constipation, colds, cough, arthritis, sore throat, HBP, high cholesterol and diabetes. Additionally, white mulberry has been said to alleviate pain in muscles and joints, promote hair growth, boost the immune system and also protect against premature hair graying.

 White mulberry benefits

Diabetes – Studies have already shown that the white mulberry pill can fight diabetes. There were animal based studies that proves the white mulberry anthocyanins can lower blood sugar levels.

High cholesterol – Studies have also proven that white mulberries can help to keep cholesterol in check and help in preventing atherosclerosis. The white mulberry pills will not only improve cholesterol levels but will also lower blood pressure. In addition to that, the quercetin in white mulberry leaves helps to inhibit the growth of atherosclerosis- associated plaque.

Anxiety – White mulberry extracts usually possess anti-anxiety properties making it similar to a sedative.


Due to the fact that mulberry leaf pills have not been in use for long, it is very important you consult your physician before you take it especially if you are under different medications due to interaction. This mostly goes for people with diabetes because they might consider it safe since it has been proven to lower blood sugar levels.

Supplements are not always tested for safety and dietary supplements are usually unregulated. You might also not want to use supplements if you are pregnant, nursing or have other medical conditions.

Where to find the product:

Most natural-food stores will stock the supplements as well as stores specializing in dietary supplements.

White mulberry pills alternative:

There are several other remedies with a promise of lowering cholesterol and regulating blood sugar levels like cinnamon, acacia fiber and glucomannan. Of course you should be aware that, using dietary supplements in place or as a substitute for treating diseases like diabetes might lead to serious health problems and consequences.

Additionally, other natural supplements have anthocyanins, which is the leading compound in mulberry pills thought to enhance health conditions. If you plant to get yourself stuffed with anthocyanins, then tart cherries, elderberries, cranberries and acai are the way to go.