Back To Medicine Basics

Back To Medicine Basics

With all the different high tech treatments and miracle pills we have today, we can easily forget about where medicine all began. Often, we forget about the natural medications found in herbs and plants that humans used years and years before Tylenol and Aleve. Most people neglect how much the usage of medical herbs can benefit your health. Many herbs that we overlook have been proven to treat burns, swelling, and reduce stress.

Ashwagandha is a plant whose root and berry are used to make medicine. It has been used usually to treat symptoms of anxiety, but it also has been said to improve male fertility and prevent Parkinson’s disease. Recently, it has been combined in with medications to improve attention and impulse control in children. Although these studies are still young and in the early stages, doctors have high hopes for Ashwagandha.

L-theanine, also known as Green Tea, is common known to be a stress reliever. Studies have shown that 200 milligrams a day can calm nerves and improve brain function. However, it is hard to find pure L-theanine around these days, it is found in Green Tea but the doses are very small.

Licorice Root is a stress relieving plant that many don’t know about. Licorice root contains a natural hormone that helps the body handle stress. It has also been used to normalize blood sugar and boost adrenaline levels. It is usually drunk as a warm tea.

Passion flower is often considered a mild sedative. It is most commonly used to promote sleep. Often it is used as a treatment for anxiety and insomnia. It boosts the brain levels of GABA, which lowers your brain activity. Daily consumption of passion fruit tea can improve your sleep quality within a week. The parts of the flower are dried and steeped for tea.

Lavender is the king of herbs. It is effective at reducing irritability and anxiety, promoting relaxation, a sense of calm and sleep. It is also a powerful anti-bacterial agent, and can work to balance hormones and stimulate the immune system. It is mostly consumed as a tea but studies have proved that even inhaling the scent of the Lavender plant can have positive mental effects.

These are just few of many herbs or plants that have positive health benefits. Although today we are privileged to have the medicine we do, we should not forget that we have so many natural medicines all around us.