The Importance of Jiaogulan in Chinese – Why Should You Take It regularly?

Good-friends-drink-tea-in-morningJiaogulan also known by the scientific name, Gynostemma pentaphyllum, is a wild plant that grows in China and other parts throughout Asia. It has been used in China for many years for medicinal purposes. Some people refer it as Xiancao Immortality herb because of its various health benefits and anti-aging effects. In 1970s, Japanese scientists discovered the therapeutic and illness prevention qualities of the herb. The plant had superior qualities than their well-known ginseng herb. The plant had several health-giving saponins and trace minerals, vitamins, proteins, and amino acids.

  • Jiaogulan and Cholesterol

Scientific studies about Jiaogulan in Chinese have shown that it reduces cholesterol levels in the body by enhancing the liver’s ability to send carbohydrates and sugars to the muscles. The muscles convert the sugars to energy that can be used by the body. It also lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol. It reduces blood fat levels, improves fat metabolism, and decreases lipid peroxide. It is highly effective in rectifying obesity problems, but also helps underweight people gain weight by forming lean muscles. It also helps slim and thin people absorb proteins which is the hallmark of its adaptogen function.

  • Increase body strength and reduces stress

Another study done on Jiaogulan in Chinese by Guiyang Medical College showed that the herb helps increase the body’s endurance and strength. This implies that Jiaogulin is perfect herb for use by people who want to improve their athletic performance. Besides energizing muscles, it also has biphasic effects on the brain functions. It also affects the regulation of hormones in both men and women. The maintenance of such physiological functions plays a vital role in helping the body cope with stress. It can cure up to 30 stress-related symptoms and depression.

  • Cardiovascular benefits

Jiaogulan also has vast cardiovascular benefits. It helps protect you against heart attack and other related diseases. Based on an article published by Phytomedicine in 2005, the herb has a protective effect against heart spasm and heartbeat. Although the study was conducted using guinea pigs, the results are also true in human beings. The cardiovascular benefits also go along with boosting the immune system.

  • The Adaptogen Function

The main reason why the Jiaogulan in Chinese has a range of utilities is because it a powerful adaptogen. Other adaptogens such as ginkgo biloba, garlic, and ginseng are equally important, but Jiaogulan beats them all because of its wide functionality. The herbs are safe and cannot cause harm to the body. They do not have stress additive effects. The herbs and, in particular, helps the body adapt to varied physiological and environmental processes. In a study done by Dr. Tsunematsu together with other researchers, the herb was found to have 82 saponins. This number was too high compared to the other adptogens that have an average of 28 saponins. In contrast to the usual conventional drugs, the adaptogen has no side effects even when taken without any illness.

People struggling with blood pressure and those prone to arteriosclerosis can also benefit from the use of Jiaogulin. To substantiate this fact, a study was conducted by scholars from Vanderbiilt University. The results showed that one of the herb’s saponins facilitates the release nitric oxide from the blood vessels. As a result of absorbing the gas, the body relaxes and blood can flow easily throughout the body. The study also revealed that the herb has blood thinning properties. It ameliorates buildup of plague, as well as, aggregation of blood platelets. The herb is available as pills and it is recommended that patients consult their doctors before using it.

  • Side Effects of Jiaogulan

Jiaogulan is highly effective and safe when used short period possibly not exceeding four months. Although the herb is recommended for use in boosting the immune system, it can have adverse effects on people with diseases such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis among others. Making the immune system more active can enhance the symptoms of the auto-immune conditions. The herb is also known to slow clotting which can worsen the situation for people with bleeding disorders. People should also stop using the herb prior to and after surgery. It is recommended that patients should stop using it two weeks before surgery. Expectant women should avoid using the herb. It is also not safe for use by mothers who are breastfeeding. The Jiaogulan in Chinese has chemicals linked to birth defects.